Injection Therapy

Injection Therapy

Injection Therapy simply refers to the process where medications are injected into an area where a patient experiences pain. The medications directly enter the bloodstream and inflamed tissue, bypassing the digestive system, offering more immediate and long-lasting relief.

There are a number of different types of injections that can be used to relieve pain with the following offered at Atlas:

  • Corticosteroid Injections – this injection releases a corticosteroid into the body that reduces inflammation relieving issues such as swelling, stiffness and pain in the body. The practitioner will use an ultrasound machine to guide the injection into the soft tissue or joint. This injection is commonly used to treat soft tissue conditions and osteoarthritic synovial joints with the most common conditions treated being: joint pain, arthritis and sciatica
  • Ostenil Injection – this injection is commonly used to treat osteoarthritis as it contains sodium hyaluronate which is the substance lacking in the synovial joints when a patient is suffering from osteoarthritis. It is injected directly into the joint or soft tissue and acts as a lubricant and shock-absorber immediately decreasing pain and stiffness.
  • Durolane Injections- this injection is formed of substances that are similar to the fluid that surrounds the joints in the body. It is commonly used to treat osteoarthritis and is usually administered when other arthritic medication has been ineffective

Patients will need to book either and initial consultation (new patients to Atlas) or a follow up appointments (patients who have been to Atlas before) to discuss medical history and to allow the practitioner to examine you to effectively advise of the most appropriate injection for your particular pain or injury. Injections will be administered on the same day unless there is a medical reason to delay. The type of injection required will be discussed with the practitioner once you have been examined.

If you are interested in Injection Therapy please call our reception team for further information and bookings.

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