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I was diagnosed with degenerate disc disease in August 2013 after having an MRI Scan. The scan also showed a bulging disc, both of which have been very very painful to the degree that I was bedridden for weeks at a time. I have also suffered from sciatica for the last 8 years.  This along with the findings of my scan has made the last 7 months extremely traumatic for me and my family.

I was admitted twice for A&E because I had muscle spasms in my low back, I have been in constant pain for the last 7 months, I had to use a wheelchair, walking was unbearable, standing was too painful.
I have been waiting for the last 7 months for NHS treatment but nothing has happened, I felt forgotten, all they wanted to do was prescribe painkillers.

In January my husband found Atlas on the internet, he rang them and the receptionist was very helpful.  I had my consultation and treatment with Cherry, a lovely lady who listened and said she could help.  After my first treatment I could walk and stand again without any pain, we could not believe how quick it had worked.  After waiting 7 months for nothing from the NHS, after 1 hour with Cherry I could walk properly again.  I have since had 6 treatments now and recommended them to friends.  I am taking up their maintenance plan and I no longer take pain killers!

They are very professional, they explain everything, you can ask questions and if I should need emergency treatment they will fit me in.  We cannot thank Atlas enough for what they have done, I am walking standing and now driving again, it has been a real life changer.


“I’ve played Badminton for many years getting the odd twist and pull now and again. Nothing, however, compared to the severe groin strain I suffered in late 2007. After 3 months of NHS physio treatment not showing signs of any real improvement
I started browsing the internet looking for a sports injury clinic that might be worth a try. John’s was only the second site I looked at and immediately stood out. I carried on searching but after a while I realised all I was doing was comparing everyone else to Atlas.

I made my first appointment which happenned to be with Peter who was friendly, knowledgeable and quickly made me feel at ease. My strain was that bad even 3 months on I couldn’t climb on to the treatment table without pain. All my future appointments were with John purely because of timing constraints on my part. As stated by others in their reviews things were explained to me simply without any level of patronising and total friendliness coupled with serious advice all the way.

I received a total of ten weekly treatments plus home exercises and in April 2008 was able to return to playing Badminton. It is now 11 months on and I have NOT had any recurrance (fingers and everything else crossed). I am playing twice a week and oh yes I think this might be worth mentioning, I am not some twenty or thirty something whom you might expect would have youth helping them quickly recover from a strain. I am 61 and play physically hard for 3 hours a week with people in some cases 30 or even 40 years younger.Well done John and team, hopefully I won’t see you again too soon but if I do get injured I know exactly where to come”


“After the NHS did nothing for my injured back, the Atlas Pain Relief Clinic were my last hope. John promised no miracles or painless cures, just the one thing I needed to know…that I was going to be alright!.
I was immensely disfigured from my injury but that didn’t matter to anyone at the clinic. I was able to put all my faith and trust in John and he helped me greatly with my problem.

I would recommend anyone to the clinic. Just when I thought no-one could help, John was there to lift me up, and not only that but he explained completely what was wrong with me. I wasn’t patronized in anyway because of my age, I got the truth and the help I needed! Now nearly a year gone, I’m back to my old self, and I owe it all to those at Atlas Pain Relief”


I have had over 2 years of varying treatments for my back and hip problems. I am stooped and can only walk 100 yards before having to stop to ease my severe back and hip pain. After 6 treatments at Atlas Physiotherapy Centre plus exercises at home as directed by Atlas, I can now walk much greater distances pain free. Yesterday (Saturday 3 May 2014) I did several hours of lengthy walking around Liverpool. This would not have been possible prior to my recent treatment. Many thanks to you, John and Cherry


Faced with an 8 week wait for physio on the NHS and the possibility of surgery I visited the Atlas Pain Relief Centre after an MRI Scan revealed 2 slipped discs in my back.  I was in severe pain and could barely walk.  Within a few weeks I had dramatic improvements and in less than 2 months I am almost 100% fit without barely any pain.  I would wholeheartedly recommend Atlas Pain Relief Centre and am most grateful to Peter for getting me back on my feet.


“John knew exactly what was wrong with my neck when I explained my symptoms. A very warm and friendly atmosphere where they really do listen to you. I even began to look forward to my visits. The pain has gone and I haven’t had to go back for about two years but I wouldn’t hesitate to go again if I need to. Recommended Atlas Pain Relief Centre to a lot of friends”


“Excellent focused professional attention. The treatment eliminated my back pain for months and their exercise advice has been effective for self treatment and keeping the pain at bay. Gait analysis and postural advice has been beneficial to my performance as a competitive Ballroom Dancer”.

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