Electrotherapy is a term used to describe the use of electrical frequencies being used for therapeutic purposes. All of the human body tissues respond to electrical frequency and indeed our nervous system uses frequency to communicate information

In physiotherapy there are a variety of electrotherapy machines designed to enhance healing times and reduce pain. Unfortunately many physiotherapists are taught incorrectly that electrotherapy is not effective when in fact the opposite is true, electrotherapy is very effective and should be used in soft tissue injuries.

At Atlas we use a number of these machines that speed up the healing process and can help reduce and block pain signals.


This is therapeutic ultrasound and is used in 1meg or 3meg format. Ultrasound can be used in a pulsed mode or continuous mode depending on the thermal effect required. Ultrasound provides a micro massage and heating up of the tissues that creates an increase in blood supply thus promoting faster healing outcomes. Ultrasound is very effective in treating ligaments and is used a lot in the treatment of sports injuries.


Interferential machines can be used in 2 pole or 4 pole modes. Using sticky pad electrodes or wet sponge electrodes the pads are applied to the skin and an electrical frequency is passed through the pads into the tissues. Depending on the frequency being used, this machine can perform many tasks including pain relief, increased blood supply and muscle stimulation. Frequency ranges are between 0 – 4000hz and a carrier frequency is used to deliver lower frequency through the surface of the skin to the target tissues below.


Mediwave can be used to provide skeletal muscle contraction without fatigue of the muscles. Mediwave can provide stimulation at the muscle motor points and result in a controlled contraction that is usually rhythmical to provide pumping of the muscles to stimulate weak or underused muscles and can help with lymphatic drainage to reduce swelling. This machine can stimulate, exercise and strengthen muscles.

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