Sciatica or sciatic nerve pain describes a nerve pain that travels down the leg and sometimes into the foot. Often the condition will not have low back pain and instead may include buttock pain.

Sciatica sufferers often describe the pain as a burning pain or shooting pain and it can render them unable to stand or walk. Back pain is not always evident but the lumbar spine is nearly always involved.

Prolapsed disc or a bulging disc is commonly referred to as a slipped disc and is a common cause of nerve root irritation. The bulging disc material pushes against the sciatic nerve causing an irritation which brings on nerve pain symptoms such as pins and needles or numbness.

Muscle weakness or loss of function can occur if the nerve is heavily compromised and affects a motor nerve.

Spinal stenosis or spinal tumors may be a cause of sciatica and care must be taken to establish the cause of your sciatica before a treatment plan is formulated. Wear and tear and arthritis can give arthritic pain

Chiropractors and Osteopaths manipulate the spine and if the lumbar spine has a prolapsed disc then manipulating this area may make things much worse. Osteopaths and Physiotherapists offer an alternative option to Chiropractors and Chiropractic treatment.

Nerves are very delicate structures and spinal manipulation where there is evidence of a neuropathy is not recommended.
Firstly establish the cause of the nerve pain by MRI scan if necessary. Xray is of little use as it only shows bone and does not show soft tissue like disc material.

Chiropractors make a lot of use of xray imaging for diagnostic use, however if you are trying to establish the cause of a nerve pain they are of little value and instead an MRI scan is the gold standard.

Atlas Pain Relief Centre in Tamworth and Atherstone have osteopaths and physiotherapists who are experienced in diagnosing the cause of sciatica and nerve pain and can offer you the option of an MRI Scan within 48 hours in most cases.

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