Neck Pain

Tamworth neck pain sufferers can get treated for neck pain and stiff neck symptoms at the Atherstone, Tamworth or Solihull Pain Relief Centre Clinics. Our osteopaths are well experienced at treating stiff necks and neck pain. Spinal manipulations can be carried out safely if necessary to free stuck or restricted cervical spinal segments that cause muscle spasm.

Whiplash symptoms following a car accident are common and may result in you losing range of movement and having a heavy tired head and sore neck.

Wear and tear, such as arthritis can often be responsible for neck pain, however this does not mean that it cannot be treated successfully

Neck pain often results in headaches.and physiotherapy from our Tamworth physiotherapist will often be needed to restore mobility and increase the strength and range of movement of the neck muscles.

Tamworth acupuncture treatment for neck pain is often effective in the treatment of chronic neck pain.

Acupuncture can released tight muscles allowing them to relax. Acupuncture can have a calming effect and relax muscles in spasm.

Neck pain may include a trapped nerve which can introduce pins and needles or numbness into the arm and hand.

Stiff neck is often experienced if you sit in a draught or fall asleep in a different position to normal. Pain is felt when trying to move the neck and once again physiotherapy will help restore normal function.

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