Muscular Pain

Muscular pain can often be experienced when you overdo physical exercise. Gardening and DIY is often to blame for the group of people who do not normally take regular exercise.

Sport and Gym exercise classes can result in muscle pain and muscle strains if warm up exercises and stretching are not performed.

Back pain and muscle spasm can result if you damage your low back. Heavy lifting and over reaching can involve extra stress on your lumbar spine and your low back muscles can spasm in order to protect you from further damage.

If you train to hard and produce excessive amounts of lactic acid you may experience muscle fatigue and Delayed Onset of Muscle Soreness (DOMS) which is not serious and will go after a few days.

Sore muscles and muscle pain can be treated with massage and stretching. Often the result of excessive exercise and hard training, muscles can fatigue and develop muscle ache. Stretching tight muscles, if they shorten, will help lengthen them back to pre-exercise state, but if you need muscles to lengthen, then a developmental stretch is required.

A developmental stretch requires much longer, using progressive stretching techniques to achieve a lengthening of the target muscle.

Massage and Sports Massage in particular can be effective in removing traces of unwanted lactic acid deposits from muscles.

Muscular pain can be eased with heat and massage so combining the two would have a positive effect. Heat relaxes the muscles in preparation for massage and both will create vasodilation which increases blood flow into and around the muscle.

Atlas have an excellent team of sports massage practitioners who are often requested to do onsite massage at various events around the UK.

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