Knee Pain

Knee pain can be described as “front of knee pain, side of knee pain or back of knee pain”. Often aggravated by exercise and relieved by rest, knee pain may be an overuse injury or indeed a trauma injury from a tackle, fall or twisting movement.

Structures around the knee are ligaments, bone, tendons and cartilage as well as nerves, blood vessels and skin. Very often ligaments, tendon and cartilage are the most prone to injury and there can be many factors involved.

Runners knee pain is generally an overuse injury and many marathon runners develop knee pain during marathon training programmes.

Runners knee pain can vary and needs investigation. The exact location of the pain can help determine the cause and a careful case history must be taken, followed by an examination, before treatment takes place.

Arthroscopic surgery is now commonplace for torn cartilage and internal corrective work on the knee joint. Osgoode Schlatters Disease is another condition which affects active boys mainly from the age of about 9 – 14yrs old.

Often painful just below the front of the knee especially during and after exercise, this needs careful management and if not managed properly will result in a permanent bony growth over the site of the pain at the tibial tuberosity. At Atlas we have the expertise to treat and advise on this condition and normally it allows for the youngster to continue exercising at a reduced rate whilst treatment takes place.

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