Headaches are often tolerated as a normal condition. Headaches are not a normal state and indeed are a symptom indicating that something is wrong. Tension headaches, vascular headaches, cluster headaches, migraine and hangovers can all cause discomfort and should be investigated.

Headaches have many causes and appear in many forms, frontal headaches, temporal headaches, occipital headaches and headaches from high blood pressure should be investigated. In some cases there may be pathology such as a brain tumor or aneurism. Often causes are less dangerous and can be treated effectively by the Atlas Pain Relief staff.

Many women get hormonal headaches which are affected by their hormonal cycle. Working under fluorescent lighting or in front of a computer screen for long periods can lead to headaches. The cause needs to be established before treatment can take place.

Pounding headaches that are constantly with you and affect your sleep should prompt a visit to your GP.

Atlas osteopaths and acupuncture practitioners in Tamworth are very experienced at treating symptoms associated with headaches and would be a suitable alternative if you were considering visiting a Tamworth Chiropractor. Neck manipulation is often not suitable for all and although Atlas osteopaths are well trained in neck manipulations, they can offer other treatments from a variety of practitioners.

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