Sports Massage

Sports massage is a valuable treatment for any sportsman and woman. Elite athletes and runners in particular use sports massage as a part of their training routine.

Massage can help reduce lactic acid deposits in muscles, relax tired aching muscles allowing for a faster recovery after a hard training session. Sports massage from a good massage therapist can be used as an early warning system for potential injuries.

Massage for runners is a great accessory to the training for long distance running such as ultra running or marathon running.

London Marathon runners should use sports massage as a regular part of their training programme after they begin to run over half marathon distances.

Massage for tight shoulders and upper back can help relieve tension headaches and stress. Many of us carry our stress in the upper trapezius muscles which can be tense and solid to touch.

Tired aching calf muscles can benefit from sports massage, especially if you have an occupation which leaves you standing all day.

Stretching can be part of a sports massage treatment using muscle energy techniques and PNF stretching. Massage can help warm up muscles prior to stretching thus making the treatment more effective.

Sports massage should not have you wriggling about in agony during the treatment. If you tense your muscles during treatment, the therapist should ease off until you relax. Digging into muscles that are contracted will only cause pain and bruising. This is often the result of poorly trained therapists.

Tight Hamstrings can often be a cause of hamstring tears and low back pain. Massage and stretching of tight hamstrings will help prevent injury and enable the lengthening of hamstrings which will remove the strain on your low back

Stretching tight quads and hip flexor muscles after a hard training session will aid recovery and prevent unwanted pain and stiffness.

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