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Meet The Staff
Clinic Director John Williams is registered as a HPC (state registered) Physiotherapist as well as a GOsC Osteopath and has many years experience treating and lecturing on the subject of Sports Injuries.

John, as a cranial osteopath, has cranial osteopathy skills which he puts to use when treating young babies with a variety of symptoms.

Recently recruited to treat staff on the "Take That tour"John has been treating or working with the likes of Amy Winehouse, Gary Barlow, Fern Cotton, Kimberly Wyatt, Peter Shilton, Westlife, Frankie Gavin, Robert Smith, Johnny Briggs, Des Walker, Dave Busst, Ian Taylor and numerous elite sports men and women, John has built up a fast recovery reputation for treating back pain, sacroiliitis and sports injuries.

John has been recruited to look after the dancing injuries at the "Clothes Show Live" in Birmingham and looks after Professional boxers Frankie Gavin and Tommy Langford.

Previously working as first team Physiotherapist to Tamworth Football Club and looking after golfers and the golf professionals at the Belfry Golf Club, John has an extensive and loyal client base and is well respected in the sport and fitness arena.

As a keen sportsman, John has competed full and half marathons, taught karate, played football and has a Padi Open Water Diving qualification.
He is currently practicing playing the saxaphone.
John Williams -  Osteopath and Physiotherapist
Cherry Richards - Musculo-skeletal and Acupuncture Practitioner
Peter Taylor - physiotherapist, podiatrist and sports therapist
Cherry Richards is also an experienced female acupuncturist offering a variety of treatments at the Atlas Pain Relief Centre in Tamworth.

Cherry spent many years in Hong Kong and now works supporting couples who are trying to have a child. Acupuncture is being used as a supporting role for fertility treatments and Cherry is having great success with her couples in Tamworth.

Anxiety, stress and depression symptoms respond well to acupuncture and Cherry has introduced 15 minute pain relief treatment sessions for people in pain and for those wishing to try acupuncture for the first time.
Peter Taylor is a HPC (state registered) Physiotherapist and HPC registered Podiatrist/Chiropodist.  Peter has a special interest in running and recorded a 1hr.10 half marathon win in the Burton Half Marathon. 

Peter now heads up the Atlas Running Injury Clinic and  provides prescription orthotics, video gait analysis and laser foot scanning as well as sports injury treatments and advice to marathon runners .
Peter is a qualified Sports Therapist and provides Sports Massage  Previously he worked at the Birmingham City FC academy treating the likes of England International Andy Johnson.

Working with elderly patients and elite athletes, Peter is comfortable with any age group who need his assistance.
Cherry Richards is one of our musculo-skeletal practitioners
specialising in shoulder pain and frozen shoulder treatments.
Cherry is a Neil Asher Technique (NAT) frozen shoulder practitioner and  has received training in treating the sacroiliac joint using the Atlas SIJ protocol.

Cherry is the specialist operator of Shockwave Treatment at Atlas treating chronic conditions of bursitis, achilles tendinopathy, tennis elbow and plantar fasciitis