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Atherstone back pain relief centre
Atherstone Back Pain Clinic
Atherstone Pain Relief Centre specialise in Back Pain and Neck Pain and offer an alternative treatment option to Nuneaton Chiropractors.  The Back Pain Clinic is located in the centre of Atherstone opposite the bus station.  Physiotherapy from a Atherstone physiotherapist is part of the service on offer and Atlas have no waiting lists for treatment, which can usually be accessed within 24 hours.

Atherstone Osteopath John Williams who is also a registered HPC Physiotherapist (state registered) is in charge of the clinic and has many years experience treating back pain and sacroiliac joints.  John has many years experience treating and lecturing on the subject of Sports Injuries.

Running Injuries are a major part of the Atlas Sports Injury Clinic business and we support the London Marathon runners during their marathon training runs.
Nuneaton back pain sufferers who visit Nuneaton Physiotherapists and Nuneaton Chiropractors can now find a local clinic with easy parking which is less than 15 minutes drive from the Nuneaton town centre.

If you are suffering with symptoms of backache, back pain, neck pain, sciatica, whiplash, trapped nerve, shoulder pain, knee pain, tennis elbow, plantar fasciitis, heel pain, muscular strains, or arthritic pain from arthritis then you should pay Atlas Pain Relief Centre a visit.

The Atherstone back pain clinic is currently building a purpose built 2 storey clinic in Station St, Atherstone town centre that is now open for business.

MRI scans can be arranged quickly if required and there would be no need to pay for xrays as these can be accessed for free via the NHS.  Chiropractors tend to charge for xrays but Atlas believe they have limited benefits for most back pain symptoms which tend to be of soft tissue origin.
Acupuncture from a female acupuncturist is available for a variety of conditions such as stress, anxiety, depression, digestive disorders, hormonal problems and back pain.  Pain relief can often be achieved using acupuncture and acupuncture in Atherstone North Warwickshire will soon become popular
Treatment room Atherstone
Atherstone Osteopath John Williams is getting great results with long term problems of back pain and neck pain and more visitors are arriving from Nuneaton now following word of mouth recommendations.

The problems of backache and back pain can be varied but the common symptom is pain.  At Atlas we want to address the cause of your pain and eliminate it where possible. Pain killing medication is not the answer in the majority of cases and there is another option.

Our Atherstone physiotherapist has a different approach to physiotherapy and will treat you with hands on treatment instead of just giving you exercises.  You will receive treatment during your visit and exercises will be advised for home use as necessary.
Atherstone Pain Relief Centre
A purpose built 2 storey building comprising of treatment rooms and reception downstairs and training room and office upstairs
Reception area at Atherstone clinic